02 Apr
Amazon Developing a Free Video News App For Fire Tv

2019-04-02      Posted by Admin

According to a report Amazon is working on a Free Video News App that includes News Updates from different TV Networks.

Amazon has even connected with news organizations like Verizon the parent company of Yahoo News & Finance regarding the distribution of their news and content through the app on its Amazon Fire TV streaming devices. 

Amazon could even present adverts through the video news app.


This App would be like the Roku Channel.

Roku channel telecasts/serves free content from news channels like ABC News, Cheddar, Yahoo News and more.

Roku Channel is the leader in streaming services with almost 37 percent of the market.


Amazon is supposedly looking forward to launching this App sometime this year.

According to reports, Amazon is even looking forward to adding Alexa to its upcoming video news App.


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