04 Feb
Tips To Keep Your Smartphone Hack Proof

Smartphone is something we can’t really do without.
With rapidly increasing technology and features, smartphones have become the most commonly used gadget in the world.
Along with the numerous features and tons of data comes the fear of hacking.
Yes, you read that right, hacking is something which is no more a big task now.
There are a lot of spying eyes set on your personal data and information but not to worry anymore.
Here we’re gonna share with you a few tips that will help you keep your treasure box (smartphone) safe.
1. Avoid Opening or Reply To Spam Mails/Messages
The most common technique used by hackers is spam messages and emails.
These type of messages contain links which are displayed in such a way that you feel curious to find out what’s inside and that tap makes a way for the hackers to get into your device and collect your Personal Information.
2. Avoid Using Public Wifi
The free wifi at public places is another source of seeking information from a personal device.
The well-skilled hackers are aware of numerous ways through which they can get access to everything you do online once you connect to wifi without proper encryption.
To save yourself from this mess try avoiding public wifi as much as you can or if you connect to public wifi try connecting through the VPN tool available on your phone.
The VPN tool helps to encrypt your activity and saves you from the vulnerability of being spied.
3. Be Careful of What You Install On Your Smartphone 
There are uncountable apps available on the AppStore in any smartphone.
All the applications available look extremely entertaining or useful in some way or the other, which makes you install them on the go.
Whenever you install an application on your phone be careful about what permission it asks you for and what all data on your phone it will get access to.
Android users should pay special attention to this as there are a lot of malicious apps on the play store and usually take time to be spotted and taken down.
4. Always Keep Your Phone Locked
The easiest way to hack into someone’s smartphone is physical access to it.
Never, I repeat never keep your phone free of passcode as it makes a lot of ease for any individual to get into your personal data which can cause you too much of harm at times.
Every smartphone comes with a passcode feature in it.
Keep your smartphone safe by activating the passcode.
5. Make Sure You Clear Your Data When You Sell Out Your Smartphone
A lot of hacking and intruding takes place with the data you forget or ignore to delete while selling your phone.
The information you ignore to delete can act as a loop for the hacker to source your personal information.
To save yourself from this mess make sure your phone is totally blank when it goes out of your hands.
Every coin has it’s two sides.
Similarly with growing technology and increasing use of it comes responsibility and alertness, the responsibility of keeping yourself safe from the adverse or negative outcomes of it.