08 Feb
Cleaning Hack | Item That Cause Damage To Your Phone Screen

There are a lot of cleaning hacks and tricks we all have been using at some point to clean our phone screen.

But we should be aware of the fact that not every hack we use or have been using is safe for the sensitive display of our phone.

In this blog post, we’ll be talking about a few common cleaning hacks/items that actually cause more damage and less cleaning.



Chemical-Based Cleaners 

Chemicals are too good when it comes to killing germs but they can cause a lot of damage to your phone screen.

Alcohol/Ammonia based products create marks on the cell phone screen due to its highly acidic tendency.

You might not see the marks while cleaning but once it dries out, the marks can even stay on the screen permanently.



When you use water to clean your phone screen every time it gets untidy, there are chances that water could get into your phone ports causing technical issues from the inside such as short circuit.

If you use water, just put some drop off of it onto the cloth, squeeze it tightly and use the dampened cloth to clean your screen.


Forcefully Wiping The Screen 

Some people put way too much force while wiping the phone screen.

Putting in too much force results in a lot of damage to the display.

Too much pressure and force can even damage your phone ports and put you in trouble.

Always try wiping your phone gently.


Window/Household Cleaners

Never try using a window/household Cleaner to wipe your phone screen.

Household cleaners are made up of chemical solvents which are not really suitable for the phone’s sensitive display.

If the solvents get into the screen it covers the screen with its layer, resulting in a weird color splash on the display.

These household cleaners act so harsh on the display that it can even result in removing the protective coating of your screen.


Paper Based Wipes

Never used harsh clothes, paper-based towels/Tissues to clean your display.

Such wipes have a high tendency to scratch your phone screen as they are very harsh and the display is fragile.

If you keep on cleaning your screen with harsh clothes/wipes the scratches can get intense over the course of time and may even make the phone’s display unresponsive.



There is n number of ways to remove the grime away from your display.

But always remember, not everything you see on the internet or anywhere is worth trying.

The wrong ways if adopted can cause more harm and less good.