09 Feb
5 Personal Safety Apps For Women In India

According to The Times Of India,

“In three months of 2018, UP reported 76,000 crimes against women, compared to 49,000 in all of 2016”


Not only in Uttar Pradesh but all over India the ratio of crime against women has been increasing rapidly.

There were times when women used to feel unsafe moving out, only during the last hours of the day.

With the Passage of time, the situation started worsening up as a result of which several useful women safety apps have been introduced in India.


In this article, we’ll be sharing with you “5 Safety Apps” that act like a cop for women in trouble and help them to step out fearlessly.




MySafetipin App

MySafetipin app is a map-based app which lets you know about the safety of a location.

If you see a Red pin on the map indicates an unsafe area.

Green coloured pin indicates the safest area whereas Amber pin indicates comparatively less safe area.

It also lets you know about :

  • The crowd in a specific location.
  • Police station 
  • ATM availability
  • Medical facility etc,.      

You can even select your current location with the people you want and pin the safe and unsafe areas on the map for others to know about it.




Shake2Safety App

The Shake2Safety App let’s you send an emergency SOS message or make a call to the contacts you have previously selected as soon as you shake your phone or press the power button four times.

The best part about this app is that it works even without any internet connection and you can even get access to this on a locked screen.




bSafe App

This app has multiple features for women safety, such as 

  • bSafe Alarm : this feature sends your current location as well as the Audio/Video of your surroundings to the contacts you have previously selected.
  • Follow Me : This feature enables your virtual tracking via GPS unit you reach the desired location.

Some other features involve a fake call and a timer Alarm.




Himmat (By Delhi Police)

This app allows you to send signals directly to your registered police control room during the time of danger.

This app requires you to register on the Delhi police website and asks you for some of your basic info (name, contact number (yours and two of your family members/friends)

As soon as you send the SOS alert to the control room they’ll notify the police patrol team near you.

However, if you try to misuse the application it would result in expiry of service on your registered number after the third attempt.




Nirbhaya (Be Fearless App)

Nirbhaya app is a women safety app introduced by the Uttar Pradesh police.

This app lets the user send an instant message or a phone call during the course of an emergency.

As soon as you activate this app, it sends your current location to all your selected contacts.