11 Feb
5 Apps To Help You Find/Track Your Lost/Stolen Android Device

A smartphone is just like a bank full of important/Secret data for almost all of us.

From bank details to photos, important documents, contacts, and videos, smart phone’s are always full of important data and this info bank being lost is one of the worst nightmares for anyone.


But what if you’re already prepared?


In this blog post, we are going to tell you about 5 must-have apps to track/find your android phone if it gets into the wrong hands.



  1. Where’s My Droid 

Where’s my droid is one of the best Android tracking apps.

This app helps you track your lost device via GPS.

This app offers basic features for free.

The basic features include :

  • Finding the phone through GPS
  • Making the phone vibrate or ring 
  • Notifying the user if any changes are made in the SIM card or contact number 
  • Protecting the phone through the passcode 

 Whereas if you want access to more features such as :

  • Remotely locking the device 
  • Automatically cleaning the phone and SD card data if the device is stolen 
  • Getting an Email of pictures taken through the device camera if stolen

You will have to install the paid pro version.



  1. Spyzie 

Spyze is another app which is full of features.

As compared to other apps this app is quite easy to use.

The best part about this app is that it allows you to access all the important information related to your device.

The information includes photos, text messages, browser history, notes etc.

It instantly gives the location update of your device and also provides a detailed location history.




  1. Prey Anti-Theft App

The prey anti-theft app works not only on Android but also on iOS, Windows and more.

This is one of the very best mobile tracking apps.

If you lose your device all you have to do is SMS “GO PREY” or you’ll have to log in to the control panel and mark your device missing.

The basic version of this App offers almost everything you need to, you don’t have to switch to the pro version as it is meant for a more professional level.

As mentioned above once you send the SMS or mark the device as missing you’ll get access to a lot of features to save your phone.

The features include:

  • Locking down the device 
  • Capture photo
  • GPS Location 
  • Turn on a loud alarm even if your phone is on silent mode
  • Collect the network information that your device is connected to 



  1. Avast Anti Theft App

This is a free app which allows you to track and find your lost or stolen phone.

This app locates and tracks your lost phone through its web-based mobile phone tracking feature.

This app offers many features such as:

  • Remotely locking the phone 
  • Cleaning the phone Memory to save your mobile phone data
  • Take photos of your phone’s surroundings
  • Listen to the audio of your phone’s surroundings 
  • Switching phone’s notifications to another device

As soon as you activate the theft mode it automatically hides the app on your phone so that the thief gets no clue of being tracked.



  1. Plan B (Lookout security & antivirus)

Plan B tracking app helps you to find your phone through GPS signals.

It uses the GPS signals to track your phone’s location and sends it to you via E-mail.

The best part about this app is, it will even work in the absence of a data connection and sends you the location through text message.