30 Nov
Phixman - India's No 1 platform for gadget repair.


 They have all the leads and basis that takes you to the growing levels.

Operating system:

This is the system developed by the franchisor that enables the business to be easily replicated by franchisees. This includes standard operating procedures and methods. By getting an already-established operating system, it means you don’t have to start from a blank sheet of paper creating everything yourself for your business.

Formal training program:

Good franchisors provide good training to franchisees. This usually includes classroom-style training at corporate headquarters. Franchisees are taught things like pre-opening procedures, daily operations, marketing techniques, hiring practices, software use, and more. There’s usually on-site training also, right at the new franchisee’s location.

Specific marketing and advertising plan:

Part of the general business plan, the franchisor will have a proven, detailed plan that allows its franchisees to rapidly get to market with their products or services.

Product supply line / purchasing power:

When the franchisor buys products that the franchisees will use or sell, there’s a discount involved, because the franchisor is really purchasing these goods on behalf of a large number of franchisees. The franchisor has bulk buying power. This makes it tough for an independent business to compete on price with the franchisee.

Support staff:

Usually based at the franchisor’s corporate headquarters, the support staff can help franchisees with whatever problems they are experiencing. These support areas include, marketing, technology, sales, real estate, and operations. Some franchisors have field reps that go out to visit and assist franchisees at their locations.

Franchise business is on fire these days, my ideas for best franchise as looking forward to this period of time is the company, who is achieving success day by day because of their working ethics and responsibility of fulfilling there customers needs at time. The best franchise I would like you take is Phixman. One of the most intruiging firm in India.

They are best because :-

  • Significant capital required.
  • Large overhead.
  • Borrowed capital utilized must be repaid.
  • Large time & expense requirements.
  • Management problems related to span of control, supervision demands, difficulty in hiring and maintaining competent managers.

On the off chance that you have a Smartphone and Laptop, well, considering the present world, you beyond any doubt have it, at that point you have come to at the opportune place! Phixman reclassifies the word 'settling' by making it all the more simple, compelling, proficient and inside the span of the considerable number of mortals, who thought getting a telephone or a workstation repaired may be the most noticeably awful bad dream of their lives. Phixman incepted with a plan to influence Smartphone to repair a breeze and this is the zone we exceed expectations at! In the event that your Smartphone or Laptop has a harmed screen, parts missing, or any issue that is influencing it to work sporadically, we will 'Phix' it for you. We are not simply constrained to Smartphones; we repair tablets also. The best wager with Phixman is we deal with each brand of Smartphone and Laptop that is accessible in Indian market at the present time, with rates and quality that is second to none. You should simply to call us and our official will be comfortable entryway venture to gather your smartphone or laptop that necessities repairing. Not at all like other repairing shops, where you need to sit tight for 2-3 days to get your smartphone or PC settled, we Phix it for you in a day and that is too under guarantee; and this incorporates significant brands like Apple and Samsung leads. There is nothing we can't take of with regards to Smartphones and Laptops.