28 Jan
Simple tips to improve your iPhone battery life

There’s no denying the fact that iPhone is the most talked about one when it comes to smartphones but along with the classic quality and numerous features the gadget offers, comes the hassle of battery drainage.
Any iPhone user can relate to that habit of carrying the charger or a power bank everywhere on earth because we fear to loose access to our fun gadget due to the death of its heart: the battery.
To keep you out of this fear and make your social life sorted we’re here with 5 tips that will help you conserve your iPhone’s battery life.
1)Discover the battery suckers
This one is the easiest and one of the best ways to save your battery from unnecessary working.
How to?
Tap settings>Tap battery
Now check out the battery usage feature to discovery which apps have been sucking on your phone’s battery.
The apps on top are the ones that are costing you too much of battery life.
Under each app, you’ll find small notes/keywords which denote why the app drained so much of your battery and you can even find ways to stop this from happening.
2)Choose simple static backgrounds over dynamic backgrounds
Dynamic backgrounds are the animated wallpapers that you can find in the wallpaper library on your phone.
There’s no denying the fact that these moving animations are a treat to the eyes but they drain more battery as compared to a simple background wallpaper.
If you choose to ditch the eye treat you can surely save more battery and stay hooked to your cellphone for a longer period specially when you have no charging facilities around you.
3)Turn your cellular data off when, not in use
There’s no denying the fact that cellular data is the main cause of battery drainage for almost everyone.
We can’t actually avoid using it because the cellphone seems to be lifeless without the cellular connection but the best way to save your phone with the excessive battery drainage caused by this glue is to keep it off while you’re not in need or you can turn you data off for the specific apps you don’t usually look up to.
This will help you save your battery life.
4)Turn on low power mode
Low Power Mode is another excellent feature that can help you save your battery when it reaches 20 percent or below. 
It eliminates battery drainage by suspending activity like background app refresh and all automatic downloads. 
How to?
Settings > Battery>turn on low power mode 
5)Turn off background app refresh
When you leave the background app refresh on all the apps on your phone are constantly refreshing and updating their content, even when you're not using them,  Which results in unnecessary battery drainage.
To stop this from happening and save your battery just turn it off.
How to?
Settings > General > turn off Background App Refresh
6)Turn the brightness down
High brightness on your phone’s display sucks a lot of battery.
And according to a test conducted in the past high brightness was found to be the single biggest iPhone battery drainer.
You can actually save your phone from this unnecessary drainage by turning your phone’s brightness down by sliding the brightness bar in the control center or you can turn the auto-brightness feature on.
The auto-brightness feature has been specially designed to conserve the battery life.