04 Feb
Tips To Maintain/Free up Storage On Your Smartphone

Storage space plays a vital role in the smooth functioning and satisfaction towards the smartphone.
Along with increasing applications and photo mania in the world this issue of lack of storage in the smartphone has become very common.
Especially for those who use 16/32gb smartphones.
Now, the question is how do you manage to free up required storage on your smartphone?
We have all the answers for you.
1)Get Rid Of Apps You Don’t Use
Every day we get to see new apps and end up installing them.
The craze of specific apps and games lasts only for a short period of time after which you don’t feel like using them.
Keep a check on all the apps which are useful and which aren’t.
You can simply uninstall the applications you do not use, this will help you free up the required storage space.
2)Delete Old/Useless Messages
Almost everyone in this world is addicted to messaging which results in the countless number of useless texts and attachments occupying space on the phone.
If you feel your message box/Whatsapp is too full of message and documents that are not useful to you, delete them to free up space.
3)Stream Movies/Music Online Instead Of Downloading
One of the simplest ways to avoid running out of storage space is to stream your movies/music online instead of downloading the huge files.
Movies and music occupy a lot Of storage space and also end up hanging your smartphone.
4)Move Your Photos and Videos To The Memory Card
There is no denying the fact that photos and videos take up most of the space on almost everyone’s phone.
To free up your internal storage and continue your smartphone’s smooth functioning, move all your photos and videos to the external storage/Memory Card.
5)Update Your System Software
New versions of smartphone software improve the functioning of the phone and make it easier for you to manage your phone.
Always try updating your system software on time to get rid of problems such as phone hang etc,
These simple tips will surely help you free up and manage your smartphone’s storage in a proper way.
until next time stays hooked!