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Best in class electronics service from Phixman


No matter what the problem, we’ll fix it. Our Phixman engineers examine, restore and repair your favourite electronics so that you can get the most out of them.


Phixman ensures that you get uninterrupted service from all your devices and appliances with maintenance services that keep your electronics as good as new.

Smart Services

Our Phixman engineers will give you a product demo, help you experience convergence and share tips that enable you to do more with your electronics.

Phixman Advantage

  • 365 Days Availability
  • 11.00AM to 8.00PM
  • Multi Product Multi Brand

In warranty Services

We take pride in having one of the largest Third Party Network in the Country for repairing Mobile Phones, Tablets and other Mobility equipment, we understand the value of customer satisfaction for a brand. Effective and timely resolution of Customer complaints by the service centre results in the increase in the brand equity of the OEM.

Phixman is One of India’s leading Technology Lifecycle Service Provider, we have a network of over 25+ service centres that are spread across the length and breadth of this country. These Service Centres are ESD protected and are equipped with all the necessary and latest repair and testing infrastructure. All of them are also connected by a CRM that has been designed and developed by a dedicated team of Software developers that are present in-house.

Annually over 1 Million Customers visit our service centres to resolve their issues on the handsets. They trust our process to get their handset issues resolved.Our team is highly trained & skilled and we always endeavour to provide the best services to our clients.


We handle Pan India repairs for mobility devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets and other turnkey products. Most of the brands outsource their warranty to our network across the country.

If your mobile phone is not working but there’s no obvious damage, you might find the solution in our self-help section on our website. However, if you think your phone has a fault, we can repair both hardware and software problems.

Advantages that we give to the customer:

  1. We provide to the customer a lower warranty management cost through scale effects.
  2. We help in providing a better customer experience through a proper Quality Assurance and a stable process.
  3. We pride ourselves with a improved repair quality and hence therefore reduce bounce rate.
  4. Stable and improved turnaround times
  5. Trusted and certified service partner network across India.

We have the following levels of repair – L0, L1, L2, L3 and L4 repair levels, where the following is the definition of repair.

Level 0

Issuing DOA Certificate, Accessories Replacement

Level 1

Software upgrading, Escalation to Higher level, Parts cleaning

Level 2

Replacement of LCD, Camera, Lens, and Key pad Dome, Mic., Ringer, Speaker, Flash LED, and Antenna (Mechanical).

Level 3

Replacement of LCD (multi point solder type), Charging Connector (multi point solder type.

Level 4

Main board Replacement, Oscillators, Tunner, FM IC, Charging IC, FM IC., I/O IC.


Our refurbishment teams perform cosmetic replacement, repairs and software upgrades to make goods ‘as-new’ both aesthetically or mechanically. This includes the following things that we do to ensure a good service within the refurbishment  process.

Once we test the entire batch that has come in for refurbishment we provide the brand / OEM with a quote that would include all the services that are mentioned above.

  1. Content check
  2. Complete Format
  3. Functionality test
  4. Cosmetic check
  5. Repair
  6. Replacement as required on parts and on the aesthetics.
  7. Software upgrade and content loading as required.
  1. Conduct a full inspection
  2. Provide you with a quote based on the work required and also provide you with any options of extra customisation
  3. Once the work is agreed we then start the refurbishment process
  4. Once completed it undergoes our full test cycle
  5. Once it has passed our quality checks we then dispatch this back to you

Supply Chain Services

With standout projects that include a world-leading reverse logistics management solution for a major mobile phone operator, we have developed market-leading solutions to respond to complex needs, including:

  • Creating capability in repair centres
  • Integrating courier solutions
  • Adding product recovery and replacement
  • Implementing end-to-end systems visibility
  • Preparing returned items to go back into stock
  • Managing disposition routes
  • Recycling

While working with major brands, our endeavour is to always minimise the cost of returns processing through inline returns checking, repackaging and re-binning. We are connected with all the major courier companies for providing SCM services.


Mobile Phones

Here at Phixman we can come to the rescue whenever there is an issue with your mobile phone, with our exceptional mobile phone repair service. We are the repairs and support provider for many brands in India, and we run one of the largest mobile phone repair networks in India.

Why to Select Phixman?

At Phixman we pride ourselves on being a certified repair service. This means that phone manufacturers have recognised the high quality and standard of our repairs, and unlike high street repairs services, our work will not void your warranty. All our repairs are tested to manufacturer standards and we use genuine parts and manufacturer approved replacement products only.


At Phixman we don’t just fix cell phones. We’re also experts in repairing tablets. Yes, we fix common problems like cracked screens and display problems. But, we also make more complicated tablet repairs that require diagnostic testing and evaluation.

  1. Screen replacements
  2. Touch sensors
  3. Power buttons
  4. Dock Connectors
  5. And, many others…

Not every tablet repair shop has the capabilities to fix complex issues. And, many don’t carry parts in stock. This can translate into big hassles and wait times. At Phixman we know how important your tablet is to your customer and hence we also help the brand to plan the spares better. This is why we are so focused on delivering fast, quality repairs you can count on. With parts in stock and the best warranty in the business, we don’t just offer the best service, we also provide peace of mind to the brand Owner and tremendous value to the Customer.

Power Banks

We also provide warranty support services to Power Bank Products across India. We currently are tied up with the leading power bank manufacturers.

Memory Storage Poducts

We have also provide warranty support services to Memory Storage Products across India. The following products that we support would be:

  1. Memory Card – TF cards.
  2. Hard Disk Storage Device.
  3. USB Flash Memory Drives.

Bluetooth Devices

Efficient repair mechanisms are in place that enables us to effectively repair, monitor and create solutions where brands can use our repair networks to deliver solutions Pan India for handling repairs for Bluetooth Devices.

Following Bluetooth Devices can be serviced:
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Any other Bluetooth Equipment
  • Bluetooth Dongles
  • Bluetooth IT Peripherals
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Fitness Bands
  • Smart Watches

Turnkey Products

We can also provide specialised service for Turnkey Products. If you have a particular electronic Product that is mass market and you would want to provide Aftermarket service pan India.

Partner with Us

Our Service centers are equipped with a customized eCRM solution providing both flexibility and scalability of operations. A constant review and upgradation of technology ensures that we are able to meet the exacting standards of delivery demanded by our customers.

Systems and processes providing for high delivery reliability.

End to End support capabilities extending from Customer relationship management to Problem resolution and reporting.

Scalability of systems.

A very well developed parts logistics network covering both forward and reverse logistics and capable of reaching the remotest corner of the country.

Cost effectiveness.

We offer each Vendor /Customer and where necessary a Brand the facility of a single point of contact through and exclusive and centralized project management team. Besides this, our well-defined service delivery structure, world class logistics fulfillment process & trackers that enables both forward and reverse logistics, a defined escalation matrix, and a committed management team are what set us apart.