Laptop Repairing & Services

People really realized the importance of laptops while working from home, students attending online classes, and for access to any data or information on the internet for personal or official use. The use of laptops and notebooks was at an all-time high during the lockdown period. Going forward, in New Normal, it is all set to grow significantly. Many of us have had a nightmarish experience with laptop failure at a critical time. Hence, we also realized the importance of keeping our laptops in perfect condition. Be it data recovery or motherboard repair, people realized that there was a need for best-in-class laptop service providers at their doorstep. Given the growing demand for laptops and quality repair services in the country, Phixman also geared up to provide new-age laptop service to the users in the new normal COVID period.

We provide high-quality laptop repairing service with a trusted and experienced team of specialists. Our turn-around-time (TAT) for MotherBoard, Chip level Repairing, and system upgradation are not very quick but also very affordable. Our specialists recover data in the quickest possible time. Along with these services, we also excel in Windows Troubleshooting and fixing Windows Error. Moreover, our expertise in quality laptop repairing services is available from any brands of laptops and notebooks. Users of Apple, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, and others can avail of our service at a very affordable price.

Over the years, we have carved a niche in the laptop aftermarket industry of India. With a proven, we have made the process very simple and customer-friendly. We provide a platform to our customers to avail best-in-class laptop repair service. In new normal, we are focusing more on the collection of laptops from the home of the customers to fix it in the quickest possible time and deliver it back. So, our service is hassle-free and customers do not need to visit our stores or services centres which are spread in all major cities across India. Whether it is a hardware problem or a software issue, you can trust our brand to fix it immediately. Our leadership positioning in the industry is a result of a high level of customer satisfaction due to domain expertise.

In new normal, we are expanding our footprints in India with a low investment and high returns franchise business model, purpose-designed to engage trained youth who are aspiring to become an entrepreneur. With a proven business model, our franchise model for laptop repairing service provides a large market with brand sharing opportunities and high-profit potential. World-class training and R&D support are an integral part of our franchise model. These advantages can be leveraged with technical & business or marketing support, free operational training, and product & service diversity. Preferred Supplier Pricing Programs, Advanced Operational Technology, Low Starting Cost (Rs 10-12 lakhs), and higher return of investment are our main offerings. Those, who became part of our family in the laptop service domain, are testimony to the fact that our offerings are so far unmatched in terms of profitability and brand advantage.

It is well-known that a laptop requires service at least once every two years. Hence, the laptop repair service is expected to grow leaps and bounds in post COVID period. The service sector, belonging to this segment, is still in a nascent stage. We have leaped forward to provide highly trained professionals to cater to the growing demand for repairs.