Start your own Phixman outlet!

Employ and enhance your entrepreneur skills by starting your own Phixman outlet at a location near you. Phixman provides a convenient platform both online and offline for you to make your mark in the repair industry.

About Phixman

The cell phone and mobile device repair industry is growing at an exponential rate and here we the phixers come into play. is a platform that provides its users to conveniently book the repair for their mobile devices. Phixman Franchise is that component of our company that allows your entrepreneur skills to be employed and utilized. Selecting your franchise partner is an important decision, and our growth is a testament to our brand, business model and franchise partner value-add.

Market Watch

  • The global market of cellphone repairs is USD 15 Billion
  • In India the market size of mobile repair is estimated at INR 3000 crores and growing @ 15% CAGR
  • India is estimated to be 6k crore accessories market and growing @ 25% CAGR

Reference: The Economic Times

Support & Benefits

  • Product/Service Diversity
  • Operational & Technical Training/Certification
  • Includes free training programs occasionally
  • Preferred Supplier Pricing Programs
  • Online as well as Offline Platform to enhance overall profit
  • Advanced Operational Technology


  • Energetic & Customer-Obsessed Partner
  • Investment: INR 13-14 Lacs

What property type will you open the store at?

Owned    Rented/Leased

Do you have 14 lacs to invest ?

Yes    No